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We are a proud member of ISPA and uphold the ISPA Code of Conduct
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RedButton: The Company
RedButton Mobile CC was officially founded by Kilian Hagemann , Barry Steyn and Nico de Wet in early 2006. By concentrating on optimizing internal processes, maintaining key partnerships and investment in infrastructure RedButton managed to grow its hotspot network reach rapidly in the following months. This growth continues today and was evidenced by RedButton winning the VeloCITI business acceleration project in late 2007.



RedButton's vision is to be the leading provider of convenient and quality wireless Internet & services



We aim to become the ICT provider people think of first when looking for affordability and superior service because we are the best at what we do.

We aim to achieve our vision by:
  • Specialising in wireless hotspot service provision
  • Making simple to access the internet – Accessability & Ease of use
  • Provide quick and effective customer support
  • Staying at the cutting edge of technology
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Deploying all products with consistent high quality
  • Maximizing effeciency in all facets of the company
  • Maximize the positive impact on all stakeholders