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Voucher Related

Where can i buy a voucher?

A voucher is the size of a business card that is either sold in rand or megabyte value. On this voucher will reside the Rand or megabyte value, the voucher number and instructions on how to use it. The voucher number consists out of three (3)groups each group consisting out of four (4) numbers each. There are a few voucher outlets spread through out Cape Town and surrounds.

Venue Physical Location
Tudor Hotel 153 Long Street, Green Market Square
Kwik Spar 26-28 Kloof Street
Rondebosch Cafe 45 Main Road, Rondebosch
Urban Connection Rondebosch Centre, Main Road, Rondebosch
Wimpy Rondebosch Centre, Main Road, Rondebosch
Saul's Grill 152 Main Road, Sea Point

Types of vouchers

There are mainly two types of vouchers offered to RedButton users the so called Free vouchers and the Prepaid vouchers.

"Prepaid vouchers" are in Rand value and may be either used to log in with directly or redeemed within the account manager(See using a voucher). Once a voucher has been redeemed the credits will be credited to your account and there will no longer be any RedButton credits on the voucher and my be thrown away.

"Free vouchers" are handed out by venues that provide "Free-WiFi" .This voucher may only be used at the venue where you had received it from.

Using A Voucher

A voucher may either be redeemed or logged in with directly and is either a "Free" voucher or a "Prepaid" voucher.(For more details on types of vouchers see (Types of vouchers").Redeeming a voucher is to physically enter the voucher number into your "Account Manager" ( in the voucher number by the RedButton Hotspot splashpage,then click "Login To Internet" button.

Note that you will need to be registered on RedButton to do this. Go to "How to register?" to find out how to achieve this. The following steps will guide you through the process of redeeming a voucher:

  1. Log into your “Account Manager” using your registered email address and password.
  2. Click on the icon 'purchase credit',you will notice a table containing a list of products available for purchase with credit card. Select a suitable product and click,the 'next' button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Type in a group of four numbers per field.
  4. Click the “Use Voucher” button.

Usage And Costs

How much do i get from 1000 credits?

A credit is the currency used to define Internet value / currency in order to browse the Internet. A credit has the same value as one cent, thus 100credits would be R1.

To calculate the amount of data in megabytes (MB) that 1000 credits can provide the following formula may assist:

Total MB = credits / Hotspot rate

In this formula there is a Hotspot Rate which is the rate at which data per MB is charged at, at a specific hotspot. The hotspot rate may differ from hotspot to hotspot, but should be either 30 cents, 45 cents or 60 cents depending on the type of venue.

As an example 1000 credits at a RedButton Hotspot with a rate of 30 cents per Megabyte a 1000 credits should provide about 33.33MB.Thus:

33.33MB = 1000 credits / 30 cents

Credits suddenly used up?

There are various factors in play when credits have run out either faster than expected or simply disappeared. Most of the time the victims of such cases had automatic updates enabled. The following tips will help assist in finding and/or preventing this from happening.

Automatic System Updates:

These updates generally occur with the goal in mind to fix security flaws detected by the software manufacturer and/or improve on the software quality. There are two general types of software that do this: Operating Systems such as Windows or Mac OSX and anti-virus programs. Due to there being various anti-virus programs we are unable to provide you with concise instructions on doing so and advise that you consult your anti-virus' help section and/or web page. For instructions on how to disable Automatic updates of your Operating System see "Disabling Automatic System Updates".

Skype and other programs:

It has been found that leaving Skype running in the back ground of your computer while logged on to the Internet makes use of your bandwidth whether having a Skype session or not. This is due to Skype using bandwidth without your knowledge to route other people's phone calls (as stated in their EULA). Other than Skype, programs like iTunes and many others make use of your bandwidth to interact with a active Internet connection.

To be able to fully monitor what is happening with your bandwidth we recommend Windows users to download NetLimiter Monitor ( This allows monitoring of programs such as the bandwidth usage for each and how much these programs have used. It is only 2.3MB large and will greatly help in tracking down what has been using up all the Internet credits.

Please note that there are rare cases of viruses and malware making use of your bandwidth to either upload or download large amounts of data. Therefore it is recommended to keep your system (including anti-virus software) updated at all times.

Disabling Automatic System Updates:

To disable these updates will save you on bandwidth usage, but is not recommended by RedButton as this will expose users to external threats from the Internet and other external sources. Should you prefer to disable these updates and remember to do the necessary updates at least once a month. This is how to disable / check whether updates are enabled for the above mentioned Operating Systems.

Windows XP

  • Click on Start , Settings , Control Panel
  • In here you should find an icon called "Automatic Windows Updates"
  • Once you have double clicked on this you will be provided with a list of options
  • Choose "Notify me, but don't automatically download or install them"
  • Click Apply and then Okay once done.

Windows Vista / 7

  • Click on the "Start Button" (Bottom left corner)
  • Right click on "Computer" , Then select properties
  • Under "See also" (Left hand side of the window) click on "Windows Update"
  • On the Left side bar of this window click on "Change Settings"
  • Select the option "Check for updates, but let me download or install them"
  • Click Apply and then Okay once done.

Mac OSX 10

  1. Click on the Apple Icon (Top left corner of your screen)
  2. Select System Preferences
  3. Under the Services category open the icon Software updates
  4. Here you should be able to un-check "Download Important Updates Automatically"

Purchasing Credit Online

How to purchase credit using a credit card

Credits may be bought either by purchasing a voucher from a voucher reseller (see Where can I buy a voucher?) or you may purchase credit with a credit card.

To purchase credits with a credit card you need be registered on the RedButton system to do so see "How to register".

  1. Once registered click on "Buy Credit" at the login screen of a RedButton hotspot
  2. At the Account Manager you will be asked to enter the e-mail address and password with which you had registered on RedButton.
  3. Logged into the account manager ,then click on the 'purchase credit' icon,notice a table containing a list of products.
  4. Decide on the product to purchase and click on the "select" link.

E-mail Related

At times outgoing emails will not send from your mail client and give you an error message.

This may be due to three reasons:

  1. You are not logged into the RedButton Hotspot, therefore no Internet connection.
  2. The ISP (Internet Service Provider) that provided you with email services is not the same ISP you are connecting from at the RedButton Hotspot. (more detail on this lower down)
  3. Your outgoing mail server is configured incorrectly. (see Helpful Sources below)

Expanding on reason two : Spam (unwanted email / advertisements) has become quite a problem and ISP's have resorted to reject any outgoing mail servers that are not on their exception list. There is also the matter of your ISP seeing you as a stranger or outsider, due to your connecting / sending email to them from a foreign network and not their own _ Generally this can be fixed by having to correct authentication settings for your outgoing mail server. (See below) Here are some helpful sources to look at:  If you are using your own domain (e.g. and you have an email address such as This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , your email service is most likely being provided by the company that hosts, please contact them for technical assistance, alternatively should you know who is providing you with email services, please contact them.

Should you make use of gmail as an e-mail provider you may click on this link ( to get instructions on how to setup your mail client (Outlook 2002/3/7, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and others) properly. For any other mail provider you may choose to follow this link ( to check up on your e-mail server settings (outgoing or incoming) or please see their relative web pages and/or give them a call with regards to this problem.

Password Related

Forgot your password?

In such cases when a password for a RedButton account has been forgotten it is best to give us a call on 0861 288866 so as we may reset your password for you. This is due to passwords at RedButton being encrypted on the database therefore we cannot provide you with your original password.

Should the request for the password not be urgent an email with the user-name and contact number with the request for a password reset may be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How to change your password?

To change a password the following steps need be taken:

  1. 1.Sign into your 'Account Manager' either click on 'signup/buy credit' or go to (
  2. 2.Once logged into Redbutton,you will find the profile icon on your dashboard,click on it.
  3. Next click on security,a drop down will appear.

  1. Next you should choose and confirm your new password.
  2. Once all mandatory fields are filled click "change security information".
  3. Your new password will be displayed on the screen and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your mailbox.

Session Problems / Logging Out/In

Session window has disappeared? How to log out.

Many a time a Web Browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc.) and/or computer may fail unexpectedly – sometimes even causing a restart of the computer. This will result in the session window disappearing and leaving a user logged into the RedButton Hotspot with no way of logging out.

To remedy the above situation one of the following two actions may be taken:

  1. Open a web browser whilst still being connected to the RedButton Hotspot. Enter in the web address field of the web browser 'exit' or ''logout'' and press - another alternate would be to type ('''').
  2. Disconnect from the wireless hotspot or turn off you wireless card / computer. After a period of inactivity for ten minutes the RedButton System would then log you out automatically.

Always test to make sure you are logged out by attempting to go to any particular website – the Hotspot Login page should load up if successfully logged off.

Cannot log in?

There are many factors as to why a user may not be able to log into the RedButton Hotspot.

Before digging into the following instructions be sure to check that you have allowed pop up windows in your Web Browser. Generally a bar should appear above the RedButton Login page immediately after the ''Internet Log on'' button is pressed. Simply left click and select ''Allow for this site''.

To list a few:

  • Incorrect IP address (the address your computer requires to properly communicate on the hotspot).
  • Proxy settings that are enabled.
  • Anti-virus / Firewall preventing Internet access.

Incorrect IP address

The first thing you will need to check is whether your IP address is obtained automatically and not preconfigured. Here is how you do it according to the Operating System you are making use of.

Windows XP:

  1. Click on Windows ''Start''-button (Found in the bottom left corner of your screen).
  2. Go to Control Panel then click on Network Connections.
  3. In here you will find all your current connections / network adapters.
  4. Find your wireless connection and right click on it.
  5. Select properties. Here you will be presented with a new window containing a scrolling section.
  6. In this scrolling section, scroll down until you find Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), double click on this.
  7. Here you will notice two radio buttons one say obtain automatically and the other saying static configuration.

Windows Vista, 7:

  1. Click on the Windows Orb (bottom left hand corner)
  2. Click on Control Panel and find ''Network and Connection Sharing Center''
  3. In this new window look to your left there should be a pane containing a list of options
  4. Find the ''Manage Network Connections'' option and click on it.
  5. You will be presented with a window containing all your network connections / adapters
  6. Follow Step 4 and onwards under the Windows XP guide above and select allow / continue when prompted.

MAC OSX (Based on OSX 10.6):

  1. Click on your Apple Icon.
  2. Click on ''System Prefrences...''
  3. Find the icon called ''Network'' and double click on this.
  4. Ensure Airport is selected in the left hand side column
  5. Click on the “Advanced” button (Bottom left of Network window)
  6. You should now be presented with a new Window / View. Select TCP/IP from one of the tabs.
  7. In this tab look for a drop down box with ''Config IP v.4'' label next to it.
  8. Select ''Using DHCP'' from this drop down box and click OK.

Anti-virus / Firewall

Security threats have increased and so security programs have begun to be more strict. Due to these preventative actions taken by security programs access to the RedButton Hotspot login page may be prevented for one or the other reason.

To check whether the security software is posing a problem the firewall / anti-virus need be turned off briefly. During this time it is advised that the user reconnects to the RedButton Hotspot ensuring his/her browser has been closed. Once connected open up the preferred web browser and attempt to access any particular website as an example, by going to “”. Remember to enable all disabled software once done testing and to consult the relevant software's settings and or help manuals.

Credit Card Security

We have 2 main security features that will prevent anyone from ''hacking'' into our system and stealing information

We do not store the whole credit card number or the cvv number. We only store this 1st 4 and last 4 digits,so that we may trace possible credit fraud where we make use of a logical approach by decipher if we are viewing the correct credit card and purchase history

Example : If someone did manage to get into our database they would need to guess the middle 8 digits,cvv number and expiry date.This 99.9% impossible.

The second main security feature is that all the traffic that travels from the computer via the internet to our servers are encrypted by a 256bit tunnel implemented by the international company Thawte

This means that no one can intercept traffic going to our servers via the Internet hence you card details cannot be stolen.

Possible scenarios why your Credit Card was billed?

  1. You used a public computer in which case it could have a virus/trojan or keylogger. (Very likely if using public computers). How it works is it records all your keypresses from the computer and sends it to the scammer or stores it on the computer for a person to read later and use the typed details. This is different from our second security measure above as the keylogger is part of the computer and not the Internet.
  2. You used your credit card for another purchase of some sort (possibly a restaurant) and its always possible that a waiter gets the details of the card and writes it down (this seems the most likely scenario). ATM's can also have skimming devices on them.
  3. The last and most unlikely scenario is that someone watched you input your credit card details when you purchased credit and remembered the details.

Note: If you used your own laptop,the second scenario is probably the most likely, but it would b ideal to ask an experienced computer technician to check your computer for remote keyloggers to be on the safe side.

end faq